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Here you can buy the same hoverboard used by many of your favorite celebrities as Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Whiz Khalifa, Tyga, Jamie Foxx and many more.

Mini Scooters

Mini scooters, mini segways, mini hoverboards. Whatever you want to call em, we got em right here. Offering the best quality with the longest warranty available online. FREE shipping included.


Science, movies and television series have given us a whole host of interesting, useful as well as fun inventions. Just think of freeze-dried food (space program); exoskeletons (science and movies); and now, the Jetsons-type of hover board. Except it isn’t a true hover board because gravity is still not our friend and the ability to truly float untethered to mother earth, is just slightly out of reach right now.

However, our OVO scooter boards give a very good imitation of floating above the earth with its blue LED down-lights, like one of those hip-hop-up-and-down-jumpy cars that are so popular with some of our modern road warriors.

An evolutionary step up from the Segways and one down from true hover board status, the Mini hands free segway offers just a bit more freedom from the traditional Segways. These boards require you to balance as if you are on a snowboard but with a lot less chance of you breaking your internal scaffolding that keeps you upright. With a top speed of around 18km/h (10-12 mph), there is not much chance of serious injury. Having said that, we still advise that you use a helmet to protect your most valuable asset.

Celebrities have made this board one of the hottest toys and the boards are flying off the shelves like freshly baked croissants. J.R. Smith from the Cleveland Cavaliers arrived at a game on one of them; Jamie Foxx arrived in the studio on one for some bromance with Jimmie Fallon, who, as predicted, wanted in on the obvious fun Foxx was having.

Because it is such a new idea, manufacturers across the world have called it by different names such as the IO Hawk, PhunkeeDuck, IO Moonwalker just to name a few. And, as with so many of these ideas, it has hit the market with the excitement it deserves. It seems that most of the manufacturers and suppliers have settled on the “mini Segway” terminology to describe what it does and more or less what it looks like.

As with the true Segway, it takes a minute or two to get the hang of it and some energetic and brave users do handstands and other tricks on them. Not having to deal with handlebars, has opened up a world of possibilities for the skateboard followers to take their adrenaline shots to a whole new level. However, with a top speed of 18 km/h, their tricks will seem like slow motion compared to their traditional boards, so they will have to invent a whole new set of skills to make riding these boards seem as effortless as their non-motorized cousins.

With their smaller wheels, the ideal terrain is smooth surfaces – cement, pavement, carpets, etc. but it will probably not take long for some enterprising youngster to put off-road tires on and a turbo charge to make it just that little bit more fun (at least for those who still have the ability to bounce back from a fall). The foot treads are non-slip with sensors under each foot pad – it will not move until the unit senses a load on both pads, so you will not have to worry about it taking off before you are ready to move.

And that is what this board is all about... fun. It will not take you up and down Mount Everest, you will not be able to circumnavigate the globe (unless you have about ten years in which to do it), but it will give you hours of fun. As with the Segway, the movement and steering depends on your weight shifting from side to side, and backwards and forwards. The top-quality gyroscope looks after the balancing function to give you the ability to do tricks, or just deliver the mail between offices. That it does not have handlebars, frees up your hands to carry a package, or to hold hands with your honey while you have fun dancing to your own music. One customer even uses his board as a dumbbell to impress ladies with his wide repertoire of exercises.

And speaking of exercises: balancing and steering on the board works a whole lot of muscles not used for other gym-type workouts. By the time you get to your workout session, you would have done quite a bit of exercises with better scenery to boot!

Use it like your personal transportation system. If you are an urbanite who uses inner city transportation to get you places, the board will enable you to do away with environmentally damaging transport and use the electrically charged board that will make you feel good about minimizing your carbon footprint.

With a single charge of two to three hours from any mains outlet (240V), you can comfortably go to the shops, browse around, do your grocery shopping and be back home before the charge runs out. Using it to get to your office and back? No problem – it is small (63cm x 23cm x 23cm) so you can stow it away in some unobtrusive corner to charge; even turn it on its side so that it fits snugly under your desk. Lightweight and easily transportable, you can tuck it under your arm if you have to go any greater distance than the charge will allow.

We are at the forefront with our supply of these high quality mini Segways and offer an industry leading 2-year warranty and replacements on defects – most other retailers only offer a 1-year warranty. We have a wide range of colors to choose from: Gold, Red, White, Black, Blue, with a choice of wheel hubs.

Full specifications of our 7" model:

Tire: Free inflatable vacuum tire

Battery: 4400 mAh Samsung chip lithium -polymer battery

Mileage: approximately 25 km

Charging voltage: AC 100V~240V

Motor Operating Voltage: DC 36V

Motor Rate Power: 300Wx2

Maximum Speed: 10 - 18km/h

Motor Size: 6.7 inch motor

Dimensions: 25 inches * 9 inches * 9 inches

Maximum Load:  250 lbs

Vehicle Weight:  22 lbs

Warranty: 2 years

Wheel size: 7 inches